About CWF 2019

We are so happy that the Creativity World Forum 2019 will take place in Brabant!

On 21, 22 & 23 October 2019 we aim to make Brabant – if only briefly – the most beautiful place on earth, together with you and other creative thinkers and doers from Brabant and around the world. The CWF2019 will be the place where you can meet changewanters and changemakers from all over the world.

Our multi-day international event about creativity and innovation is expected to bring together 1,500-2,000 professionals from various disciplines (creative sector, business, education, government, NGOs) and from all over the world. We wish the participants of CWF2019 to experience and feel that creativity, creative thinking and imagineering can help them to make a change – to be the change! – in this world full of paradoxes.

Our generation is the first to have the means to make the transformation to a world with more prosperity and less inequality, to protect the diversity of nature and the stability of our climate, to peace and security. In such a world, everybody can thrive, from individual to multinational.

The Sustainable Development Goals are our ‘to-do-list’ for the world we want in 2030. They are a form of civilization, a common language to which we can all commit ourselves. This makes it possible to work better together on these goals. The goals are interlinked and they transcend boundaries between sectors and countries. They pose a set of challenges as well as opportunities. They can require deep transformations and joint action at all levels and between sectors.

To make the required transformations and create the world we want, it is essential to join the forces of diverse actors and sectors and take collaborative action, leaving no one behind. Creativity, imagineering, innovation can help to do just that: together we can Change the Inevitable.

The CWF2019 programme will be committed to engaging all of you creative thinkers and doers: by offering new perspectives, by showing different attitudes, and by working on other solutions and approaches. To be the change.


From idea to plan, from programme to invitations, from hospitality to logistics…. Our team will make sure that CWF2019 will rock! We would like to introduce everybody:

Joyce Bokhoven

Event Director & Creative Producer

Kirsti Pol

Programme Director

Diana van Bokhoven

Programme Manager

Linda van Hulten

Event Manager

Selma Coppoolse

Partnerships & Sales

Quinta Post-Theeuwes

Event Coordinator

Amarins Hielkema

Coordinator DCLivingLab

Elske Verbraak

Coordinator DCLivingLab


The Creative Council, composed of prominent individuals from education, social organizations, government and business, gives advice and offers connections. We would like to introduce everybody:

Wobine Buijs-Glaudemans

Gemeente Oss

Ralf Embrechts

Director/ ambassador
MOM Tilburg / Quiet500

Leon Giesen


Caroline Hummels

Professor Design and Theory for Transformative Qualities at the department of Industrial Design
Eindhoven University of Technology

Bob Hutten

De Verspillingsfabriek

Hugo von Meijenfeldt

SDG Coordinator in the Netherlands
The ministry of Foreign affairs

Nienke Meijer

Chairman of the board of directors
Fontys Hogescholen

Piet Menu

Artistic Director
Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Elisabeth Minnemann

Chairman of the board of directors
Breda University of Applied Sciences

Paul van Nunen

General Manager
Brainport Development NV

Jurriënne Ossewold

Director Education, Research & Organisation
Design Academy

Jan Pelle

Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (BOM)

Ruud Rabelink

Board of Director

Henk Rosman


Paul Rüpp

Chairman of the board of directors

Eric van Schagen

VNO NCW Brabant-Zeeland

Yolande Ulenaers

Chairman of the board of directors
Koning Willem I College

Barbera Wolfensberger

The Director-General of Culture & Media
The ministry of Education, Culture and Science

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