Biomimicry: natures unlimited database of R&D for developing sustainable materials
Tuesday 22 October - CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

The focus point of this project is to unlock the knowledge about the technical/functional properties of biological nano structures, to analyse the properties and learn how to create sustainable materials.

During the meet-up you will get an introduction in to the world of biomimicry and we will present an update of the latest results of our bio nanostructure research.

Everything around us has a nanostructure. These nano structures have characteristics and functions. What we can learn from biological nano structures for developing sustainable (biomimic) materials? And how can we share natures R&D in an open source database?

Working method:
We will provide an insight in the world of biomimicry by a short inspiring presentation and to the Bio^mi project, with help from our participating students.

Then we will let you have a different natural experience, that will change the way you look at it and the world around you. Finally we will have a plenary discussion.

Goal/intended result: To inspire and educate about biomimicry through the Bio^mi project. Gathering feedback and advice on bringing Bio^mi to the next level.





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