Broiler Insects
21 & 23 October

Insects 2.0 with improved qualities
Imagine, it’s 2030 and it has become perfectly normal to find a locust, mealworm or cicada on our plate. Deliciously cooked or processed into other products. With their tender structure, unique flavour, high nutritional value and varied culinary application, these delicacies have become an indispensable part of our diet.

Around 10.000 years ago, humans started domesticating animals for their company, warmth, fur and meat. Over time, the once wild species have become unrecognizable from their ancestors. As highly technological creatures, we transformed the aurochs into walking milk factories and wild boars into super-sized chunks of oinking meat; making the production of animal protein as fast and cheap as possible.

Now that is has become clear that the current animal-centred diet will require more resources and space than our planet can provide, we are looking for alternative sources of protein: like eating insects. Which currently does not sound very appealing to most people. Perhaps the time has come to start domesticating insects? The development of a new generation of insects without hard shells and wings that get stuck between your teeth, but fat, juicy ones with enhanced flavour and nutritional value. But is that really what we want?

Broiler insects is a speculative design project by Chloé Rutzerveld.

Insects contain the same proteins as meat, but need far less water, feed and space. Currently we don’t enjoy eating them. It feels awkward and is impractical. What if we design a new generation of insects: fat, juicy and wingless ones, with enhanced flavour?

Broiler Insects

Broiler Insects


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