Christian Villum & Brian Frandsen (part 1)

In the centre of building a sustainable future you will find the ability to work in partnerships (SDG-17) and orchestrate activities in overarching eco system. But how do you design your value creation, -propositions and business model to engage and create such networked value sharing?

The Danish Design Centre will introduce you to some of the hands-on visual design tools they developed to design and evaluate such ecosystems and platforms, in collaboration with the UNDP. This platform-way-of-working workshop and toolbox presents the utensils, knowledge and strategic perspectives helps organisations, teams and individuals move from organising their work in conventional project structures to organising it in new decentralized and organic ecosystems and platform-structures.

The idea and rationale for shifting to a platform-way-of-working approach – is really to enable the organization to create better outcomes at the highest level of efficiency while also further strengthening transparency and democratic participation by its stakeholders in an ecosystem-oriented way.


What is important to understand about a platform-way-of-working and platform governance-model is that this is an emerging paradigm that is not very clearly described yet. That means that the organizing values and principles serve as a scaffolding for organisational experimentation with some simple placeholders and principles rather than a detailed set of instructions that we know from classic public management and new public management.

These principles circle around the hands-on building, nursing and facilitation of ecosystems on platforms of value exchange. Ecosystems and platforms relies on a balance between all actors within the system, and the task and challenge for a platform owner is to nurture new connections and relations between exciting and new parttakers without loosing this balance.


In a sense the transformation journey that an organization needs to go through involves both new types of working, new processes for value creation and the establishment of a new culture, but at the same time also the very specific development and operation of new types of platform tools that can transcend both the digital world and physical structures, meeting places or even activities.



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