Dirty Talk
Tuesday 22 October

Social inequality puts ethical and executional limits on how far and how fast we can go. It can be identified as an unwanted side effect as well as an obstacle for progress.  If we say we want progress, (urban) social inequality needs to be on our agenda.  Over the past decade Eindhoven-based and streetwise social design foundation Tante Netty has built up wide-ranging experience in addressing in-addressable social issues together with artists and designers. 

To be able to work towards empowerment and social cohesion, perception of identity and ownership within the target audience are key. This special CWF session starts with a 20-minute plenary introduction by Madelon Strijbos on how Tante Netty addresses issues that people usually shy away from or seemingly don’t care about. She will introduce the Quality-to-Impact model which has been developed based on the learnings of years of social design experiments, projects, programs, interviews and analyses. It illustrates five core qualities for successful social design projects according to Tante Netty 


After this introduction the group will break up in two or three groups – depending on attendance – for an interactive workshop of appr. 45 minutes. Each group will be served a ‘hot potato’ to cool. Attendees are challenged to discuss with whom and more importantly how and they would start the talking to address the issue. 

Subsequently each group has 5-10 minutes to share an inspirational summary of their thinking and outcome with the rest.  

The session ends with an overall assessment of the outcome of the workshops and a functional recap of the session.  

Stichting Tante Netty


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