Educate students for an unknown future
Tuesday 22 October - Helmond

In this workshop Laure Peeters, responsible for Design Based Working, challenges participants on the question: How do we educate students for a future that is unknown?

Using the GROOW toolkit to discover your ideal learning process, we’ll kick-off an action packed pressure cooker. By moving through the three phases of the Design Based Working framework (Map, Explore, Move) we are going to develop and present concrete interventions that can help us understand our challenge and brings us one step closer to making education future proof.

Laure Peeters works at Fontys Pulsed. She and her colleagues develop educational programs according to Design Based Learning principles, which means she is out the get things moving and challenge people to make and share their ideas instead of talking and thinking about them. Developing open ended challenges, creating an educational environment that facilitates making and sharing Pulsed stories via our podcast Transformation Station are examples of how she tries to make that happen.

The challenge of Laure is part of the program of the Law to Preserve Creativity.

law of creativity








The Law to Preserve Creativity is a manifesto in which partners from education, the business community, care, culture and government bodies agree on how they wish to stimulate the creative development of every resident of the Brabant region.


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