Continious filmprogramme: Framing the now
Wednesday 23 October - CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

A mix of documentary, fiction, animation and experimental film curated by Maureen Prins, founder of Solar World Cinema, the international network of mobile solar powered cinemas that bring unseen films to unusual places. Democratising cinema, by giving access to all, with a strong believe that film can be a powerful and inspiring tool for social change.

Continious filmprogramme: Framing the now
Towards our ever challenging and changing future it is
inevitable to take a good look at ourselves. Framing the now, looking at our cultural heritage, stories, relationships and reflect on our behaviour. Get a taste of some inspiring and somewhat confronting films.

Gloeiige – Dirty Paws – 9 min
Its the year 1850, on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. A poor farmhand tries to smuggle his cattle over the border. There are stories about an ancient evil that lives in these swamps, who was cursed for his lies. When the farmhand also lies to his grandparents, his fate seems to be the same as the creature that wanders the night.

Framing the Other – Ilja Kok – 25 min
Framing the Other portrays the complex relationship between tourism and indigenous communities by revealing the intimate and intriguing thoughts of a Mursi woman from Southern Ethiopia and a Dutch tourist as they prepare to meet each other. This humorous, yet simultaneously chilling film shows the destructive impact tourism has on traditional communities.

Emmalia, letter 3647: i – Xena Maria Evers – 8.17 min
A Human Rights Tattoo story: Emmalia is a transgender women and activist from Kampala, Uganda. Kampala is not always a safe place for Emmalia, because she fights against homophobia and transphobia in her country. This letter connects her to 6772 other people around the world, all fighting for equal rights globally and connected by wearing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on their skin.

Nature, All rights reserved – Sebastian Mulder – 22 min
Artificial grass on the balcony, a meeting hall with a forest wallpaper, a palm beach in the waiting room of the dentist. This short documentary examines the role of nature simulations in our society. To what extent does artificial nature satisfies the city dwellers and where are this simulations still falling short? Will artificial nature ever replace real nature?

Never too old: Neeli – Kim Faber & Iris Frankhuizen – 7 min
Short stories following older people in their online dating quest. Is this our way forward? Like Neeli (84) says: If I don’t do anything, I will never find someone…….

Bullet time – Frodo Kuipers – 5 min
Two cowboys face each other in a good-old-fashioned shootout at a desolate street in a small village in the Old West. But when both of the colts fire their deadly bullets, those bullets immediately fall in love with each other, forgetting what they’re supposed to do! This has dramatic consequences…





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