Digital Seasoning 2.0
21 & 23 October

“Digital Seasoning”​ ​introduces the possibility to season our food digitally. Inspired from the gastrophysics- a scientific study of factors that influence our taste perception- elements like color, shape, sound, temperature, and material can be used to intensify, indicate or create illusions about the taste.

Laila combines these findings with feelings and facial expressions to add empathetic feeling to the viewer to create the five basic taste digital visualizations. Could this be the future of processed food consumption? She wants to show the food industry the potential to lower salt, sugar, citric acid, etc levels in processed foods, instead focus more on the shape, color, texture, flavor- all the other elements that also influence our taste perception, but the sweetness could be created in our brain, thereby impacting healthier eating behaviour for the new digital era. Digital Seasoning 2.0 is an experience booth that triggers all your senses. Next to the visual experience, also hear, smell and feel the taste and let the taste appear in your mouth from these sensations. DS2.0 shows the sensory side combined with functional food. Eat functional and understand the role of our senses in the eating experience.

LailaSnevele_DigitalSeasoning_ sweet2


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