Growing a Biobased Future together
Wednesday 23 October - CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

A lecture performance
What is Biobased Creating? And why is it the next step? Host, tv-presenter and artistic leader of New Heroes Lucas De Man welcomes you to a pleasantly high paste show about the wonderful world of Biobased Creating. He’ll take The Growing Pavilion as an example: the 100% grown landmark that you can visit at the Dutch Design Week.


With The Growing Pavilion New Heroes shows the possibilities and above all the enormous beauty of Biobased materials. Lucas will provide a lecture performance full of new insights about creating with natural materials. There will be live guests from different disciplines (architecture, construction and design), pioneers who are inventing and working with exciting new sustainable materials such as mycelium and bioplastics made from algae. After this session you’ll end up tons with of inspiration for a Biobased future and with a lot of energy to start building together.



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