How Innovative! What’s Next??
Tuesday 22 October - Meierijstad

Co-creation with designers can definitely create breakthroughs. But a breakthrough does not make a business. In the Netherlands, we have already known a series of innovation programs in which designers were brought in contact with i.e. farmers. These programs often offer guidance, finances and publicity for the parties working together. The world’s best ideas arise in these programs. But the programs end. And then what? Unfortunately it has proven to be hard for a collaboration to sustain. Something seems to be lacking; time.. finances.. guidance.. ownership..? It is hard to figure out since there are organizations ready to help on all those issues but the situation keeps reoccurring. Ideally, a breakthrough is durable and grows into a business model. In this session we, together with engaged organizations and designers, investigate why this could happen. Join us to find out, help and learn. Interactive work session.

Boukje Vastbinder


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