One character – one person.

Human Rights Tattoo is tattooing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 6773 people around the world. One character – one person. This Declaration, starting with ‘All human beings are born free and equal’ defines the moral principles of being human in 30 articles, containing 6773 letters. Together this tattooed community will carry this Declaration through-out their lives, for a lifetime. The tattoo is not only a self-reminder, this community spreads these words by talking about their tattoo.

Human Rights Tattoo (HRT) has grown into an amazing community of so far 3940 participants, from 70 different countries. This group is united on its website where every person and every tattoo is documented by a photo of the tattooed letter, a name and a motivation in text. Currently you are able to read the first 20 articles in tattoos. HRT received critical acclaim internationally by magazines such as Huffington Post, Dazed and major TV stations.

The impact of this project is growing with its numbers. We have just past the halfway number of tattoos, still almost 3000 letters to go. The community is an amazing mix- ture of people, young and old, from the slums of Nairobi to the streets of Manhattan, activists, lawyers, politicians and CEOs. HRT get requests to join from all over the world, every day.

Human Rights Tattoo is started in 2012 by Dutch community artist Sander van Bussel; “I felt I needed to use my ideas and talent in the best possible way, to use art as a spark for social change”. Instantly Human Rights Tattoo became a bundling of talents; tattoo artists, festivals and museums, translators and volunteers; they all contribute their ta- lent and time.

Human Rights Tattoo


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