Plenary Closing Session
Wednesday 23 October - CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

Join the CWF2019 Closing Session and be inspired by changemakers Lucas de Man, Kees Dorst and Christian Bason. They will connect the world, be the helicopter and challenge you to take a look at the world from your own perspective. Did we make a system change? Can we see the world as an ecology, a coherent whole? What will be the challenges of the future? 

Next to that, Chagall’s live performance will offer you an exclusive sneak preview of  the motion capture suit she is developing to control her electronic music and VR visuals in real-time using the movement of her body. And last but not least: Famous Dutch illusionist Victor Mids will close the Creativity World Forum 2019 by mindf***ing us all on Changing the Inevitable!



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