Pumpkin Sensation
21 & 23 October

A Pumpkin Sensation is a sensory journey with wonderful pumpkins. Participants can feel, smell, hear, taste and see the pumpkin in a range of different experiences. The reason for this is to find out if tempting food can help people leave their minds and go into their bodies.

Four installations are presented during this Food Experience at the Creativity World Forum. Each of them stimulate different senses. Today there’s an opportunity to see the pumpkin in a whole new way: you can take a nap in a pumpkin-bed, touch different pumpkin-textures, smell the intimate parts of a pumpkin and paint a picture with self-made pumpkin-paint. Enjoy the journey.

De Wilde Boerin
We live in a world where many consumers have become quite disconnected from the food we eat. It’s about time we reconnect! With Pumpkin Sensation, De Wilde Boerin takes us on a sensory journey to find out how certain foods we eat on a daily basis, influence our sexuality, health and overall wellness. Can sensual food help people to leave their minds and go into their bodies?

Groentenhof Poelen
The Pumpkin Sensation is a collaboration with pumpkin farm Groentenhof Poelen from Groesbeek (near Nijmegen). Innovative farmers Chris and Laura Poelen grow ornamental and edible pumpkins in 150 different shapes, colours and flavours. They focus on direct selling with select intermediaries. Disclaimer: Every pumpkin is rescued and re-used after this Pumpkin Sensation.

pumpkin bed



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