The Inventors best kept secret

The Factory of Discoveries will premiere their new adventurous film

The Ontdekfabriek uses storytelling to involve schools, universities and companies in their challenge stimulating youth for innovation and creativity. They strongly believe society needs young inventors to come up with solutions for our future challenges.

The pictures shown here are screen-shots of the new film created with the help of Noord-Brabant. The story tells about a young inventor named Finn who is eager to come up with a new invention. Unfortunately ideas don’t spring to mind. So he starts combining other inventions. Together with his friend Kiki he roams the suburbs in search for devices to build his new invention. In their search Kiki and Finn discover a workshop where an engineering student secretly builds robots. In the end it’s Kiki’s empathic view on people that helps Finn to come up with inventions for their neighbours.

Project at elementary schools
Inspired by the film, Kiki’s secret box and her vlogs, pupils at schools in the Province of Noord-Brabant help Finn to come up with even more new inventions.

Project at technical schools
The robot shown in the film was built by students of Summa Engineering. Students started by designing, building, testing and presenting different robots. The art director chose the best one. Or rather the most beautiful one because of course the robot had to look nice on film.



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