ZuiderZwam, a circular company 
21 & 23 October

From waste reduction to food production
We usually throw away coffee grounds while there is still a lot of nutritional value in them. What could be better than to turn food back into waste.
According to the principles of the circular economy; from waste reduction to food production. Oyster mushrooms are good and sustainable meat substitutes; approximately 1000x as much water is needed for the production of imported beef. 

Delicious and honest food
With an electric tuktuk, ZuiderZwam collects coffee grounds from Tilburg’s hospitality industry and the municipality. This coffee grounds form the breeding ground for the cultivation of sustainable oyster mushrooms. After harvesting this entrcote’ amongst mushrooms, beautiful and tasteful dishes are being made, thus closing the local circle. In addition to delicious (vegan) croquettes, ZuiderZwam also makes vegetarian sausage rolls and bonbons. 

Spread the news
In order to introduce as many people as possible to this circular method of food production, ZuiderZwam sells growkits with which you, as a counter-farmer, grow oyster mushrooms on your own coffee grounds. ZuiderZwam also provides guided tours, workshops, lectures and guest lessons. 



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