CWF2019 Impact Report available

During the CWF2019, Brabant was transformed into the creative capital of the world. Professionals and creative thinkers and doers from over 20 countries came together to collaborate and create. In total, more than 170 speakers shared their knowledge and inspiration. And most importantly: we wanted to plant a seed for a better world. But did we manage to have some serious impact?

Avance Impact investigated it for us and listed the results in the CWF2019 Impact Report. Already a few notable results:

  • CWF2019 had a positive impact on participants and their networks. Case-owners generally found that their participation in CWF2019 gave them new valuable ideas to bring their cases further.
  • Asked right after the event, most respondents considered their participation a success (69%) and saw their expectations largely met, as they returned home with new inspiration and new connections. On the downside, the measurement 2 weeks after the event saw an increase from 6% to 18% in the respondents
    disagreeing with the statement “My participation at CWF2019 was a success”.
  • CWF2019 succeeded in spreading its philosophy about the power of creativity in solving challenges and the importance of collaboration. Even when participants already adhered to this philosophy at the start of the event (93%), CWF2019 showed many participants new ways to look at the function of creativity in solving challenges.
  • CWF2019 and the DC Network succeeded in uniting people around the world from different professional backgrounds to use creativity. All respondents made new meaningful connections from other sectors, especially on the third day.

Download the full CWF2019 Impact Report >>


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