During the Creativity World Forum young people from all over the world will gather in Brabant for the 4th edition of DCLivingLab. DCLivingLab is powered by the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network and offers the opportunity to work in an international team on existing societal challenges. The 2019 edition is organised by BrabantDC in partnership with Rotary ‘s-Hertogenbosch-West and the Rotary International network.

The key to greater impact is in diversity and interaction. All over the world young people have dreams about creating a society they want for their future. These dreams are similar yet different, and by combining those dreams the global and overall impact can be increased. From this year onwards the aim is to widen DCLivingLab’s scope. We are proud that for this edition we are cooperating with the Rotary Network; Rotary has comparable goals to DC Network but reaches a different and additional target group.

Young people from at least 3 Rotary Clubs in Kenya, Poland and Canada, from all educational partners Brabant and from all DC regions will work together and develop new practices on stimulating creativity in society and share a valuable experience! A very exciting week to look forward to!

Where to apply?
Young people/students can register by filling out the online candidate application form. Deadline of application is 26 July. For more information, please read the brochure and visit the DCLivingLab website or contact DCLivingLab via e-mail.

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