Discovering aphrodisiac eating with De Wilde Boerin

Discovering aphrodisiac eating with De Wilde Boerin

Linette Mak allows people to experience the sensual element of food

“Only when we go on holiday, we really take the time to enjoy good food and being intimate with each other. I think that’s quite a shame; people could and should do this so much more often in everyday life. But that would require them to be taken out of their regular environment: away from all the obligations of family and work. I hope to achieve this with De Wilde Boerin”, says Linette Mak, a.k.a. De Wilde Boerin (the wild country girl).

In 1974, Ivan Heylen sang – in a strong Flemish dialect – about a country boy’s desire for De wilde boerndochtere (a wild country girl). It became a number-one hit in the Netherlands. Will Linette Mak also succeed in becoming well-known to the general public with her enterprise De Wilde Boerin? Time will tell. In any case, visitors of the CWF2019 have three days to enjoy her food experience, which is remarkable to say the least: aphrodisiac eating.

‘Sure, you can gulp down an oyster behind your laptop, but that really won’t do anything for you.’

Out of your head and into your body
Because you can! It is not about digesting your plate of pasta or stew while laying back on the couch in an after-dinner dip, but about getting vigorously intimate with each other by having a meal with specific ingredients, combined with an ‘aphrodisiac’ talk about your food fantasies. “Aphrodisiac eating is not only about what you consume, but also how, with whom and in what setting you do it. By eating in such a sensory way, you can get out of your head and into your body. Of course, you can gulp down an oyster behind your laptop, but that really won’t do anything for you. But when you feed the oyster to each other, the effect is completely different”, says Mak.

She has studied Behavioural Sciences at Tilburg University but, once graduated, she decided to pursue her passion: agriculture and horticulture, which, of course, is not unusual for the daughter of a fruit grower. “I grew up on a farm and the farmers’ life feels like a part of my identity.” Via the ‘Vrienden van het Platteland’ (a Dutch women’s road cycling team) she got in touch with Landwaard, a project organisation for innovative food initiatives in Gelderland. She has now been self-employed for three years. “At first, I delved into the subject of eating culture in Wageningen. This does not so much concern what we eat, but rather the rituals and customs surrounding our food. Presently, I like to work together with ‘food innovators’; clients who try new things, often using local products.

Aphrodisiac eating might be a new beauty secret

Journey of discovery
Mak herself also sought ways for people to pay more attention to themselves and to deepen the bond with their loved ones and with nature. With De Wilde Boerin, she tries to discover the influence of food on sexual health. “I experience it as a journey of discovery myself. De Wilde Boerin has now become a platform for tips on how to stimulate your lust. These tips are based on discussions on the subject that I have had with experts, or aphrodisiac eating experiments I have conducted in order to experience first-hand how it feels.”

One of the insights I have gained is that aphrodisiac eating might be a new beauty secret. The products that have a positive influence on sexual health are of high quality and often pure and unprocessed. These products not only include vegetables and fruit, but also herbs, nuts, shellfish and crustaceans, spices, red meat and eggs. They provide energy and increase the libido. Oysters are a well-known example. They have a large zinc content, which increases the sex drive.

Play with food
“But there are plenty of people who do not like oysters”, says Mak. “Therefore, the most important thing is to eat pure food that has been prepared with love and attention and that invites you to play with it. Why not try being fed with your eyes closed? Dare to fantasise about food; share your food fantasy.” According to Mak, this takes you to a whole new world that is both sensory and sensual, and stimulates interaction.

‘Time and again I am surprised how naughty the human mind is’

Mak also noticed that this often leads to a surprising, open and intimate conversation. “Many people still find it hard to discuss sexuality, even with their partner. It is considered a private matter.” It’s okay to joke about it, says Mak; it takes some tension off of the subject and makes it less of a taboo. “Time and again I am surprised how naughty the human mind is. And their ability to think creatively is inexhaustible.”

Exciting experience
De Wilde Boerin also organises workshops, named by her as ‘sensing sessions’. Visitors of CWF2019 can take part in her Pumpkin Sensation, which comes in various installations. One of these installations is a giant pumpkin of almost a metre in diameter that you can touch to discover its ‘intimate parts’. “An exciting and surprising experience at the same time.”
Mak herself is curious to what philosopher Koert van Mensvoort has to say during CWF2019 about the future of our food. “And to the contribution of Jalila Essa├»di, who is also working on unexpected connections, using nature as a source of inspiration.”

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