SDG Song speaks universal language

SDG Song speaks universal language

Composer Erwin Steijlen: ‘Music is the ultimate connector’
Would you like to hear what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) sound like? Dutch composer and entrepreneur Erwin Steijlen unleashed his creativity and wrote the SDG Song, especially for CWF2019. He translated the 17 SDGs into a swinging, positive tune: We Can Change! The song will be have its live premiere by the SDG Orchestra at the Creativity World Forum 2019.

We all know them, the seventeen sustainable development goals. By 2030, these successors to the millennium goals must have ended global poverty, inequality and climate change. Companies, organisations and governments are committed to these goals. Steijlen is convinced that music can also help achieve the development goals. “Music is a key part of all of our lives. It has also been vital in human evolution.”

‘Music has always been vital in human evolution’

Holy Grail
According to Erwin Steijlen, the United Nations’ SDGs need a sound. “Music is the ultimate connector,” he says “While it does not by definition speak a universal language, it does represent a way to communicate. Music is the language of emotion. 97% of the global population experiences a sad tune as a sad tune, from Australia to Japan to Iceland. And even if you do not like certain music, it can still give you goosebumps. That is the power of music. and is what makes it the Holy Grail of communication.

Music First
With his ‘Music First’ approach, Erwin Steijlen links music to the goals of brands and organisations. That offers him the chance to touch the musical brains and hearts of their customers. He did the same with the SDGs. “All SDGs share the same keywords, the same DNA,” Steijlen explains. “I ended up with: people, human, humanity, change, work, life, equal, equality, living, together, helping each other, peace and global. I then converted these musical words into music. It is performed by a mix of real-life musicians with instruments and modern musical tools.”

‘All SDGs share the same keywords, the same DNA’

The lyrics to the SDG Song are based on a personal story, performed by Chris Hordijk. It’s about the fact that we need change. A change in every individual, which will lead to a movement and a change in society and in all people.┬áThe SDG Song has been on all major musical platforms, such as Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify, since Friday, October 18.

Get a taste of what’s in store! Listen to the SDG Song!

You will meet Erwin at CWF2019!



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