The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our ‘to- do-list’ for the world we want in 2030. Thinking outside the box, inspired by other views helps us come up with solutions no one ever thought of. The Creativity World Forum is the perfect accelerator. Join us.

The world is becoming increasingly complex and paradoxical. Major social issues are truly crying out for a change. Promising innovations and technological developments are offering more opportunities, but at the same time, societal divisions are also rising in terms of education level, health, well-being, prosperity and (economic) prospects. Solutions that used to meet requirements no longer match up with today’s reality. That means we have to seek out new solutions, new answers. This requires a different way of thinking and – in particular – acting. It calls for new perspectives, being open to the world and having the courage to choose a novel approach. BrabantDC believes that the power of creativity and imagination can make all the difference. 

Our generation is the first to have the means to make the transformation to a world with more prosperity and less inequality, to protect the diversity of nature and the stability of our climate, to peace and security. In such a world, everybody can thrive, from individual to multinational.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a form of civilization, a common language to which we can all commit ourselves. This makes it possible to work better together on these goals. The goals are interlinked and they transcend boundaries between sectors and countries. They pose a set of challenges as well as opportunities. They can require deep transformations and joint action at all levels and between sectors.

To make the required transformations and create the world we want, it is essential to join the forces of diverse actors and sectors and take collaborative action, leaving no one behind. Creativity, imagineering, innovation can help to do just that: together we can Change the Inevitable.

The CWF2019 programme will be committed to engaging all of you creative thinkers and doers: by offering new perspectives, by showing different attitudes, and by working on other solutions and approaches. To be the change.

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