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Welcome to…the Creativity World Forum 2019 (CWF2019). This year the 3-day international conference will be held on 21-22-23 October in our beautiful province of Brabant. We expect to welcome 2000 visitors into a world of dancing drones, impressive tales, fascinating questions and an international vibe. Day 1 and 3 will take place in the CWF House, the Parktheatre in Eindhoven. Day 2 will take you to local venues in Breda, Tilburg, Meierijstad (Veghel), Helmond and Eindhoven, depending on the theme of your choice.

You do NOT want to miss this. In fact, we would like to offer you a partnership.


Let’s partner up

We believe in the power of joint forces. Together we can Change the Inevitable.

Creativity is the key in taking on the challenges our society faces. Creativity thrives from new gaining new insights and perspectives. By meeting people who think and act like you and people who look at things differently. So it is not just about amazing speakers, meeting and matching peers and getting inspired. More so it is about making new connections and using CWF2019 as an accelerator to make a difference. For yourself, your organization and for society. Award your team or followers and bring them with you.


How to participate?

These are the highlights of the partnership programme. Click here to get the total overview of our partnership possibilities and the costs:

–> Partnership possibilities in English
–> Partnership possibilities in Dutch


CWF PARTNER – Make your statement
  • As CWF partner you will be able to make your statement by hosting a personalized reception area, meeting & greeting key speakers and bringing your challenge to one of the local theme programs.
  • 25 tickets 
  • Exposure in de CWF house, live footage and aftermovie


  • As theme partner you will be part of the local program  
  • 20 tickets 
  • Exposure on the HUB event, live footage on the HUB event


  • Bring your challenge to one of the local theme programs
  • 10 tickets 
  • Digital exposure on site, social media and newsletters


PARTNER – Join us
  • 4 tickets 
  • Name exposure & access to digital toolbox


Are you interested?

Please send an email to Selma Coppoolse: 


Innovate together

Why do we think you should be a part of this? It is simple. You will get to expand your creative horizon, gain new insights and perspectives, interact with top creative minds, grow your career or organization, discover Brabant and visit the Dutch Design Week. Together we can change the Inevitable and contribute to the UN sustainable development goals.


We are proud to present the partners of CWF2019

Due to their commitment and support we make it happen

Automotive Campus
Avans Hogeschool
Biobased Delta
Brabant C
Brainport Development
Brainport Smart Cities
City of Imagineers
Coöperatie Boekel Energie
Cultuur Eindhoven
De Verspillingsfabriek
Design Academy
Dutch Design Foundation
Fontys Hogescholen
Foodup! Brabant
Gemeente Breda
Gemeente Helmond
Gemeente Meierijstad
Gemeente Oss
Gemeente Tilburg
Graphic Matters
Het Zuidelijk Toneel
Koning Willem I College
Maan Concept & Design
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken
Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen
Quiet 500
Rabobank Dommelstreek
Rotary Den Bosch-West
Summa College
Totally Tuned
Veldkamp Produkties
Vital Zones
VNO NCW Brabant-Zeeland
Waterschap Brabantse Delta

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