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The CWF2019 will be held in Brabant, the Netherlands. The vast majority of our programme will take place in and around our very own CWF House, The Park Theatre Eindhoven. On day 2 of the CWF2019 we will explore Brabant and experience thematic programmes in our CWF HUB cities: Breda, Tilburg, Helmond and Meijerijstad.

The CWF2019 will be held alongside the Dutch Design Week. This offers a unique opportunity to indulge yourself in not just one but two world-renowned events at the same time! If you’re planning to stay in Eindhoven, you’ll be on top of the action. But mind you, don’t wait too long to secure your hotel accommodation. Eindhoven will be a well-visited city, so finding accommodation can be very tricky and prices might get steep.


Comfortable living, an excellent business environment and many things to see and do

The region of Brabant is situated in the south of the Netherlands, positioned centrally on the East-West axis and just one hour away from Amsterdam, Brussels, Maastricht and Düsseldorf by car. The people of Brabant are true pioneers; adventurously audacious and with a ‘can-do’ attitude. They plant the seeds for a sustainable future in many different disciplines and are reaping the benefits of those initiatives all over the world. In sports, music, agriculture & food, art and fashion, but first and foremost in the area of creativity and smart solutions for global problems.

The people of Brabant are adventurous, not afraid to get their hands dirty and live life to the full. They welcome the extraordinary, gladly share their knowledge and expertise and add value in many different fields, both within and outside of the region. You see their brands and products everywhere. But above all, the people of Brabant are hospitable, so Brabant always gives you a feeling of coming home. Welcome to Brabant!

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Dutch Design Capital and city of Technology, Design and Knowledge

Eindhoven is bursting with energy. A city off the beaten track, a city that surprises and invites you to explore for yourself.


More than 125 years ago Philips brought light to Eindhoven. The company turned Eindhoven
into a vibrant city. Industrial heritage, such as the old Philips factories and power stations throughout Eindhoven, has been transformed into trendy shops, exceptional restaurants, luxury lofts and creative workplaces. You can find crossovers between technology, design and knowledge. A fascinating combination that makes Eindhoven an international top city for innovation.


The world-famous Dutch Design Week (DDW) is the largest design event in Northern Europe. Discover it for yourself, not only in October during the CWF, but throughout the year with tours, design in the public space and exhibitions in design studios. Every year, Design Academy Eindhoven and the Technical University attract hundreds of new students from the Netherlands and abroad that come to Eindhoven to live their dreams. They give the city an international energy, 365 days a year.



Eindhoven is also bursting with design. With Design Academy Eindhoven and the world-famous Dutch Design Week (DDW) as the largest design event in Northern Europe, Eindhoven can justifiably call itself the design capital of the Netherlands. Discover it for yourself, not only in October during the CWF, but throughout the year with tours, design in the public space and exhibitions in design studios.


Last but not least, Eindhoven is bursting with international top talent. Every year, Design Academy Eindhoven and the Technical University attract hundreds of new students from the Netherlands and abroad that come to Eindhoven to live their dreams. They give the city an international energy, 365 days a year.



This is Eindhoven

Eindhoven 365

For your convenience, the CWF Team has reserved a number of rooms in various hotels in Eindhoven that have been carefully selected. Be sure to take advantage of the special rates by reserving your room well in advance and through the booking links provided!




The seventh city of the Netherlands cherishes its history and at the same time develops powerful and balanced. In daring transformations such as the Spoorzone, Piushaven and Koningsoord you can find respect for old ánd new.



Tilburg is the place where new solutions are applied, tested and improved. The city connects technology, people and society. There is a rich offer of culture, nature, talent and creative entrepreneurship. As a city of knowledge and education with leading higher education institutions, Tilburg is attractive for international industry and for innovative SMEs. The excellent multimodal accessibility makes Tilburg a fast-growing logistic hotspot in Europe. And a promise to the future!

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From three pittoresk towns to one Meierij City. Enjoy the local traditions and hospitality.


A new name for the three municipalities of Schijndel, Sint-Oedenrode en Veghel: Meierij City.
It’s smart thinking: in the last two years the small towns combined their services and political organizations. Each town has its own charm with the glass farm and the art of Jan Heester in Schijndel and St. Oedenrode being part of the national landscape Het Groene Woud (the green forest) and known for being the greenest town in Europe. Veghel has a flourishing business community and proudly showcases its cultural hotspot Noordkade, the inner harbour and a lot of hiking tracks and cycling routes around the area.

There are more examples of collaboration. In AgriFood Capital, public authorities and knowledge institutes collaborate to achieve growth and innovation in agrifood. Their mission is to develop Northeast Brabant into a leading region in agrifood. Meierij City is part of that area. “Together we are creating a smarter, healthier and more sustainable world for tomorrow.”

More info about Meierij City:

Meierij City

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Proud second city in the Brainport region

Helmond is the proud second city in the Brainport region with more than 91,000 residents. Cherishing the past and focusing on future developments, that is key. Helmond works hard on social challenges. They come up with new solutions for issues regarding mobility, energy and food supply. Just by being progressive and pushing boundaries. For example, the development of the first solar car at the Automotive Campus (the LightYear One) or the creation of the Brainport Smart District. New technologies provide a totally different dimension of living, it is up to the residents to shape their own living environment.


The locals like to be active and make things. You can experience that by looking at the city with the new iconic neighborhoods, cultural activities and buildings like the old castle and the theatre ‘Speelhuis’. Helmond is a really nice place to live, work and relax. Very diverse and open for anyone willing to help explore and expand this area.
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Breda, a welcoming city in a green and historic environment

Breda, a contemporary city in a green environment that is more than 750 years old. But even more impressive is the kindness and openness of its inhabitants who conduct their active daily lives with a modern down-to-earth approach and are well known for their hospitality. This lively city has centuries-old monuments, great restaurants, charming pavement cafes on the Market Place and bustling shopping streets. No wonder Breda has been named Best City Centre of The Netherlands.


The inhabitants of Breda are proud of the historical relation between Breda and the home of Oranje Nassau. The ancestors of the Dutch Royal Family, the Nassaus, were of great importance to the city. Perhaps less well-known is the fact that Breda is full of creativity. Find out for yourself during your stay and visit the Festival Graphic Matters which will take place from 20 September to 27 October 2019. It is an approachable festival about graphic design and the impact it has on our daily lives.

Breda is just 35 minutes away from Eindhoven by train so you can easily book your hotel in Breda.

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