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On 21, 22 & 23 October 2019 we aim to make Brabant – if only briefly – the most beautiful place on earth, together with you and other creative thinkers and doers from Brabant (The Netherlands) and around the world. A three day programme bursting with moments of positive confusion. We aim to take you on a rollercoaster ride of catchy inspirations, true challenges, breathtaking performances, high-end knowledge, creative interaction, good practices, dramatic failures and effective networking moments in a true Brabant atmosphere. Be prepared to be swept off your feet!

DAY 1 . 21 OCTOBER 2019

Making a change by planting a seed for a better world

CWF House (Parktheater, Theaterpad 1, Eindhoven)

Let’s take you on a wave of hope. Worldwide there are many societal challenges, but just as many geniuses who want to change the inevitable. During the CWF you will get the unique opportunity to meet: John Hardy, Winy Maas, Lilly Platt, Bas Timmer, Dennis Karpes, Chloé Rutzerveld , David Middendorp.

They all tackle challenges in a creative and innovative way and create unexpected solutions. Make their mistakes and show their vulnerability on stage. Not being 100% sure becomes an enormous quality. They want to change the inevitable. And they will change the inevitable. Open your hearts and minds, be positively confused by a dazzling opening session of the CWF2019.

13.00 – 18.00Registration@CWF House
10.00 – 15.00Antenna Conference, powered by Design Indaba and DDF – presented @CWF House@CWF House
15.00 – 21.00Plenary Opening Session and Future Food Experience@CWF House

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DAY 2 . 22 OCTOBER 2019

CWF goes Local

Let us take you on a trip, where local meets global. In Brabant we look for ground-breaking solutions. We think outside existing frameworks. We put our cards on the table. We do business together in openness. And we want you to be part of it. Brabant immerses you into its Burgundian, hospitable and cosy character. Only in a few regions in the world fun and success are so inextricably linked.

On the second day of the CWF there will be 5 thematic sub-programmes to be held in 5 different cities in Brabant, where we will focus on specific cases and challenges:

The paradox of (un)limited Progress

HOSTED IN: Eindhoven

The paradox of (un)limited Inclusiveness

HOSTED IN: Tilburg

The paradox of (un)limited Mobility

HOSTED IN: Helmond

The paradox of (un)limited Food Supplies

HOSTED IN: Meierijstad

The paradox of (un)limited Resources

HOSTED IN: West-Brabant / Breda

When registering, you will be required to select one of these local programmes. You can click on FIND OUT MORE for short programme descriptions.

08.00 – 09.30Registration, transportation to regional / local HUBs@CWF House
09.30 – 16.30HUB Events – thematic sub-programmesAll over Brabant
16.30 – 18.00Transportation back to CWF House
18.00 – 20.00Free time / dinner (not included)
20.00 – 01.00CWF Party@CWF House

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DAY 3 . 23 OCTOBER 2019

Thank you for reviving my dream

CWF House (Parktheater, Theaterpad 1, Eindhoven)

Let’s connect the world, be the helicopter and look at the world from your own perspective. We need a system change. The world is an ecology, a coherent whole. Some of us are specialists, some of us the analysts and others the economists and idealists, the creatives and the innovators. And we need each other’s skills and knowledge. So be inspired and work together with changemakers such as: Michael Green, Bas TimmerGodelieve Spaas, Lucas de Man, Koert van Mensvoort and  Maxim Februari. Last but not least: Chagall will surprise you with a dazzling performance on stage!

During these days we will have made a piece of future. We can change the inevitable.

10.00 – 18.00Plenary sessions, walk-in sessions, creative
workshops and other engaging activities
@CWF House
14.30 – 16.00Plenary Closing Session@CWF House
16.00 – 18.00Farewell drinks@CWF House

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