DAY 1 . 21 OCTOBER 2019

Making a change by planting a seed for a better world


DAY 2 . 22 OCTOBER 2019

CWF goes Local

Let us take you on a trip, where local meets global. In Brabant we look for ground-breaking solutions. We think outside existing frameworks. We put our cards on the table. We do business together in openness. And we want you to be part of it. Brabant immerses you into its Burgundian, hospitable and cosy character.

DAY 3 . 23 OCTOBER 2019

Thank you for reviving my dream

Let’s connect the world, be the helicopter and look at the world from your own perspective. We need a system change. The world is an ecology, a coherent whole. Some of us are specialists, some of us the analysts and others the economists and idealists, the creatives and the innovators.

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