Laura Lavet

Project leader


Laura Lavet is a project leader at the farmers organisation ZLTO consisting of 60.000 farmers. The organisation aims at the amelioration of the social and economic situation of farmers through representation, formation and training, individual support and counselling of the members. ZLTO develops and guides initiatives for members to create a good balance between agricultural management and environment.

She finished her master degree in Biology in 2019 at the Radboud University Nijmegen. With an education in communities and ecosystem and citizen science she tries to stimulate a mutually positive relationship between farmers, nature and the environment. Connecting agricultural businesses to different stakeholders and member of society.

By combining and implementing her passion for nature with farmland she helps farmers contribute to the biodiversity of their environment and help them with a more sustainable approach.



Unlimited Power and Plastic: A rural Paradise Paradox

The paradox of (un)limited resources

The rural landscape is changing faster than ever before, with a strong focus on efficiency and sustainability. With optimal infrastructure, cultivation, agriculture and nature, we utilize every square meter available. At the same time, we aim to preserve what should be enough space for nature experience, recreation, beauty and tranquility.

Due to climate change, strict regulations and high consumer demands, horticulturists see themselves forced to protect their crops by means of large surfaces of plastic films. Farmers seek additional income – by making land available for renewable energy generation. Huge wind farms and solar meadows are important, but have a big impact. With brightly lit greenhouses, megafarms and logistics halls, they dominate the landscape.

Do we want to make a change there, or is that just sticking to old values? Is the new landscape ugly, or do we need to create a new identity for our rural landscapes? CLTV, Fruitport West-Brabant, ZLTO, ECCO and Kunstloc Brabant want to explore how the power of creativity can be a game changer in the way we see and make use of the landscape.

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Tuesday 22 October

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