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Albert Vleer is a dutch architect holding office in Oisterwijk, Brabant. He loves to create spaces that tell a story, thinking beyond just function. The best places speak to all senses. He graduating from the Technical University of Eindhoven and started his career at a Rotterdam architectural office. After starting his own studio in 2015 he worked on projects for theme parks, leisure and hospitality developments.

In 2017, together with six other entrepreneurs the WasteWorld Foundation was founded. Together they work on the concept and realization of this new circular leisure destination. As a result of this successful cooperation Albert joins the new organization Passion for Leisure focusing on consulting on and building of sustainable leisure.





Albert Vleer

The infotainment themepark WasteWorld will be an adventurous place, pure, sustainable and authentic. Guests will be invited to work and play along to discover our planet. They will find solutions and new inspiration to make this place more beautiful and resilient.

For the last four years the WasteWorld foundation is working on the development of this new, year-round destination within the Brabant area. The park will be a mix of fun, education and innovation, focusing on the consumer market as well businesses and government. It will be a great place to visit with your family or as a field trip within primary education. Their starting point is the circular economy, divided into theme’s like waste, CO2, living environment and energy. These will be translated to experiences that challenge the guest to join the action.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
12:45 - 13:25
Bar right 50 Open setting, theatre
Albert Vleer

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