Research-based designer

Alissa + Nienke

Alissa van Asseldonk is a research-based designer holding a BA in design from Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). After graduating in 2012 she developed her research skills as a Research Associate at the Readership Strategic Creativity at DAE while holding strong ties with the creative field as founding partner of design studio Alissa + Nienke.

Within Alissa+Nienke, she specialises in a unique interpretation of surface design, with a strong focus on how we experience materials and our (future) living environment. In close collaboration with both craftsmen and high-tech industry, they create innovative materials, objects and installations for interior architecture, triggering curiosity and interaction.


Homeless Materials

The paradox of (un)limited progress

What if we can use this waste in new means? What if the cause of this junk is also its context for re-applying it? In other words: we want to research the potential of these materials in a context of temporary constructions and spaces.

During several field trips to construction and production sites we created a material library of all kinds of waste. In this session we’ll dive into this data collection: images and experiences of field trips, alongside our material library full of samples and experiments. Within small groups, we’ll use everyone’s background and expertise to imagine possible future applications of the various samples, materials and opportunities that emerge from our research project. Goal of this session is to stretch our imagination and to create a joint catalogue of possibilities, in order to change the ‘fast-and-efficient’ view of the conventional construction world into a fresh perspective.

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October
10:00 - 12:00
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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