Alistair Douglas


Meierijstad council

Alistair Douglas; manager at Meierijstad council studied Social sciences in Utrecht. Inspired by the vitality program “Newcastle Can” in which locals were challenged to lose weight, he designed a challenge for the employees of Meierijstad.

In todays world of abundance and easy access to seemingly unlimited supplies we have to be very keen on how we want to develop as individuals and as a society. Governments can play a significant part in setting the bar and challenging the status quo.

He believes that if you want to go fast you should go alone. But if you want to achieve sustainable change in society you need to go together. This years challenge involving colleges to circle the world, united the municipality as an organization. Next years challenge is to unite our council as we take the challenge to the city.


Taking the lead in generating a fit and healthy society, as a government

The paradox of (un)limited food supplies

A fit and healthy society is what everyone wants but our actions don’t always show for it. Join our movement to bring this goal closer to home. To achieve this big and hairy goal citizens, businesses, healthcare and government have to play their part. Purposeful, creative and sustainable.

In this workshop we’ll present a ‘start today’ challenge from Meierijstad which is as much local as it is global. Many co-workers have accepted the challenge and together we’ve already travelled the world twice. During the workshop we’ll experience the quest for vitality inside Meierijstad council as we gear up to go city-wide.

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Tuesday 22 October

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