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Tilburg Cowboys

Tilburg Cowboys is an artists’ collective with a social heart. The collective creates artistic projects that use art and culture to draw attention to social issues. In this way the Tilburg Cowboys want to promote dialogue and bring about positive change. A striking example of one of their projects is Human Rights Tattoo, in which The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is tattooed letter by letter on 6773 people worldwide.

“As artists, we feel the responsibility to be at the centre of society and to create social connections.” 


Identity & Human Rights

Identity is what makes someone unique. You experience your identity through, among other things, origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and political affiliation. Human rights play an important role in promoting and protecting both and individuals identity and personality, as well as group identities. As for instance the right to privacy and the right to freedom of expression do so.

In the morning program you will discuss how identity and clothing are intertwined with representatives of the globally operating organisations Capsters (the original sport hijab), Fashionclash (fashion and design) and Tilburg Cowboys (Human Rights Tattoo). In the afternoon session the central theme is the right to freedom of expression. You will be immersed in the world of (social) media and citizen journalism by the founders of the ‘Community Media Centre Omroep Tilburg’ and Roze Maandag – one of the largest LGTB events in the Netherlands.

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Tuesday 22 October
LocHal, Tilburg

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