Barbara Brouwer

Director of Stichting Phoenix Cultuur Meierijstad

After studying Leisure Management, Barbara worked in Event Management, PR and communications at resp. the Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg, for several years. In 2003 she made a switch to the cultural sector as director of the local Centre for the Arts, de Aleph, in the municipality of Heusden. In 2013 she started as a location director at MIK in Veghel.

A challenging new job, which made her responsible for the relocation and expansion of the music, dance, theater and visual arts departments, at the heritage location CHV Noordkade. At the time, MIK was an extensive Art Institute that provided art education for seven municipalities. In 2015, after the bankruptcy of MIK, Barbara successfully built the start-up of a new organization for art education, together with a small team of Art Professionals. Phoenix Cultuur became a fact. Phoenix Cultuur serves the municipality of Meierijstad and now welcomes over 2.000 students each season. Barbara is director of the successful art institute where approximately 150 art professionals are employed.

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Circle of Talent Brabant

Art is investing in the future. Children and young people need to be inspired and encouraged to discover and develop their talent. Creative minds need space and trust to flourish. Getting acquainted with art and culture at an early age and stimulating and inspiring talent, results in young, creative, new thinkers and makers who connect with the new, rapidly changing society, industry and education. Whoever takes the future seriously, has to be serious about art education!

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Tuesday 22 October
12:55 - 13:15
Barbara Brouwer

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