Bas van der Linden

Chief Technologie Officer

Sioux Technologies - Mathware Competence Centre

Sioux Technologies is a technology provider with all of the necessary expertise to make your product or production system into a success. Our strength lies in the unique combination of high-quality competences like software, mechanics, optics, physics, mechatronics, electronics, mathware and final assembly & testing.

As Mathware CTO at Sioux Technologies and Associate Professor Computational Industrial Mathematics at the TU/e, Bas van der Linden takes care of continuous deepening and widening of mathematical and physical knowledge, through internal and external research programs and translation of available knowledge crossing the chasm between academic novelty and commercial success. Next to technical and business development, Bas likes to work with the design and art sector as it provides a clarification to society and his network the breath and width that technological innovation can bring.

During our Meet&Greet on 21 October you can meet Bas personally and he will tell you more his cooperation with David Middendorp, resulting in the exquisite ‘Airman’ performance. 



Monday 21 October

During CWF’s Future Food Experience on 21 October we give you the unique opportunity to meet several top speakers and inspirators of the Creativity World Forum 2019! Between 18.30 and 20.30 hrs they are happy to connect with you, share their stories and answer all your questions.

More details about this session
Monday 21 October
18:30 - 20:30
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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