Bernard Vissers


the heritage association Heemkundekring Veghel

The youngest of four children, Bernard grew up in Veghel (NL) on his father’s farm. It was quite normal for all family members to help with all the work on the farm. Besides his work in the field of education, Bernard has occupied his entire life with small-scale farming, while professional agriculture skyrocketed around him. For the past six years, he has been chairman of the heritage association Heemkundekring Veghel.
He delved into the history of Veghel and, more specifically, the Noordkade (a cultural/recreational area in town).

We are standing on historic ground here
The location for this lecture, the Noordkade in Veghel, did not come to exist by chance.
In his lecture, Bernard Vissers will point out various reasons why one of the largest mixed feed factories in Europe planted its roots in Veghel.
Until 1900, food supply was in dire straits pretty much throughout the world. Failed harvests and a lack of knowledge, policy and organisation regularly caused major famines.
In Brabant in the Southern Netherlands, agricultural yields were also too small to supply everyone with enough food. Traders were in full control because they were able to make mutual agreements. Farmers only received a marginal fee for their products and were unable to invest in new technology. The Norbertine Pater van de Elsen then began to arrange collaborations, which later led to the establishment of a cooperative, the NCB (Noord-Brabantse Christelijke Boerenbond – North Brabant Christian Farmers’ Federation). As far back as 1915, the NCB considered Veghel to be the perfect location to set up a mixed feed factory. The location was on the bank of the Zuid-Willemsvaart canal, with a rail port in the direct vicinity.

You’ll meet Bernard in Veghel on 22 October.






Plenary Opening

You will be welcomed today by your host of the day Marieke Eyskoot!

Followed by a brief history lesson on the role of food in Brabant and Veghel by Bernard Vissers.

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Tuesday 22 October

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