Bob Hutten


The Waste Factory (De Verspillingsfabriek)

Bob Hutten is General Director of culinary and hospitality service provider Hutten and founder of De Verspillingsfabriek. Hutten wants to be of significance. For each other and today’s society, but certainly tomorrow’s too. For organizations, values such as fair business, transparency, innovating, co-creating, sharing knowledge, trust and investing in sustainability, health and vitality are important pillars. According to Hutten, a company must listen, inspire, share, give and help.

Significant entrepreneurship goes without saying to Bob Hutten. Thus he is the initiator of the open innovation network Foodsquad which strives for a different food system and De Verspillingsfabriek (‘the waste factory’) where they produce tasty products like soups and sauces with residual flows of vegetables. De Verspillingsfabriek gives the first large-scale answer to the food waste in the Netherlands. Hutten also endeavors to offer people with a distance to the labor market a workplace. Everyone deserves an opportunity to discover his or her talent, to use it and to feel valuable.

You’ll meet Bob in Veghel on 22 October.



Remember that time that we wasted a lot of food?

The paradox of (un)limited food supplies

Do you wonder what fighting food waste looks like? Come and find out. The world’s first Food Waste Lab welcomes you to find out what ways of fighting food waste are already underway. Discover The Waste Factory and listen to the inspiring story and flaming ambition of its founder Bob Hutten. Escape the Rescue Room. And learn what surprising collaborations are already making a difference today.

Excursion to The ‘Verspillingsfabriek’ in Veghel.

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October
Three-Sixty - Huygensweg 10, VEGHEL

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