Brigite van Haaften



Brigite van Haaften is originally an orthopedagogue and during her studies she had to deal with people with an intellectual disability. In this way she became interested in their thinking and doing. That interest has never left. Before she started working as a director at SDW, she was a Provincial Executive of Noord-Brabant for many years. She helped create the province’s membership of the Districts of Creativity Network.

There is much talk about ways to strengthen our society. Since she has worked at SDW, her mission is to show society how much we can benefit from people with intellectual disabilities. Brigite wants us to see vulnerable residents no longer as a cost but as people who contribute to our society. Then we can call our society inclusive. If we thereby allow this target group as a normal part of our daily lives – at work, on the street, at the sports club – then we do something together. And doing something together reinforces yourself.


Brigite van Haaften

Once, comedian Theo Maassen described people with intellectual disabilities as our soft leaders. Justly! During this session you get to know their world and learn from them how you develop resilience. That only works if you dare to expose yourself. Are you ready?

Creativity always arises in the encounter of two worlds. If you experience what the world of people with intellectual disabilities means, then you start looking at your own world differently. That way you also develop resilience. You need them to cope with setbacks in life. You have to practice that. Contact with people with an intellectual disability helps in this, because then you have to show who you really are.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
12:45 - 13:25
Bar Left 50 Open setting, theatre

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