Caat Peters


Sounding Bodies

As a child, Caat Peters dreamed of becoming an actress. In her musical studies, she envisioned herself as a harpist, and during her dance lessons as prima ballerina. Even a career as an elementary school teacher ranked high on her list, following in her father’s footsteps. Nonetheless, it became the art academy.

In a year that was initially meant as a gap year to transition to a theatre studies program, Caat started working in the hospitality business, and really never left. This is because Caat is a natural; her hospitality-radar is always on. Her mission is to make people feel welcome at all times, no matter the place or circumstance. Her love for the performing arts, dance, theater and music, has never left her. Which is why it seems fitting to her to work as the current program coordinator for the Dwalerij, an entertainment-oriented street market in the Dwaalgebied neighborhood of Tilburg. And as a hostess at A taste of Bach of Sounding Bodies, all her various passions are truly combined.

“I was never personally charmed by the music of Bach at first, as I associated it with the harpsichord, an instrument I used to detest. It was only after hearing a recording of the Goldberg Variations, played on the cello, that I started listening differently, what a sound! Since I’ve been able to hear the power of Bach’s music in the one-on-one concerts I’ve learned to even be touched by the harpsichord. A friend of mine loves wearing a t-shirt that reads: ‘no day without Bach!’. I can still spend a day without, just now and then.”




Sounding Bodies

Jacqueline Hamelink has developed a method to play the music of Bach with her cello in the most intimate way for her audience. Her personal interpretation of the music is closely related to the original intention with which the music is composed, entirely in accordance with the musical rhetoric and the theory of affect. During the Food experience she brings A taste of Bach with four outstanding musicians which she trained in her method. When they play, the music becomes a recipe for pure happiness.

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Monday 21 October
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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