Cassandra Vugts

Entrepreneur, CEO and initiator

SPARK Makers Zone

Cassandra Vugts (1970) is someone who will make it happen. With her drive, vision and true empathy, she will find ways to realise dreams, or businessplans, or complex challenges. After an international career at Deloitte in ICT, she wrote a book, transformed herself into a coach and trainer, and became the CEO of SPARK. This innovation campus evolved towards a makers zone. A creative innovative workingspace where new technology sets the tone. This space encourages people with different backgrounds to (re)find and define their talent and make actual ideas come reality. It has a unique mixture of technology (3d printing, lasercutting, robots etc).



Dream big, make a change

Workshop at The Ontdekfabriek together with SPARK Makers Zone

SPARK Makers Zone and the Ontdekfabriek join forces in an appealing workshop on 22 October in Eindhoven where you learn to fly and dream big, and set foot on actual realisation of these bold ideas. 

Dreams may be bigger when you are young, and fade out when you’re older. As we know more, we tend to actually do less with realising dreams. But let’s be real: the world needs dreams, in order to conquer the challenges we face today. SPARK and the Ontdekfabriek are convinced that dreaming big is a good idea, and start doing is the best option for today.  

Join us at our workshop!

The workshop of SPARK en the Ontdekfabriek is part of the program of the Law to Preserve Creativity.

law of creativity








The Law to Preserve Creativity is a manifesto in which partners from education, the business community, care, culture and government bodies agree on how they wish to stimulate the creative development of every resident of the Brabant region.

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October
 De Ontdekfabriek, Torenallee 22 Eindhoven

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