Daniëlle Kretz

Coordinator sustainable food

Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Daniëlle Kretz works for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Daniëlle has been working for the national government since 2002. Before that, she was a policy officer at two municipalities. She likes to work at the public sector since she was educated as a public administration expert. She works on sustainable food, in particular reducing food waste by producers and consumers and improving the balance in our diet.

Tackling food waste appeals to people’s imagination. There is also a lot of attention in the media. As a civil servant, she thinks it’s very important to go outside to talk to people and organisations and work together. On tackling food waste there is a large coalition United against food waste. She enjoys weighing up interests and likes to make a difference through policy.


Food Waste. Less Talking, more Doing.

The paradox of (un)limited food supplies

Most changes in the realm of fighting food waste, have come from smaller companies and start-ups. They all strive for impact, and integrate fighting food waste into their policies and business. Governments, bigger companies and organizations also have a role to fulfill and seem to acknowledge the urgency of it too. The way governments approach the topic is in need for change, says the Dutch Foundation Samen Tegen Voedselverpilling (United Against Food Waste). Low-hanging fruit is of course ‘practice what you preach’. This sounds easy but is often not incorporated into the office. Most valuable change can however be achieved in a change of view, governments and companies could even save or make money if they refresh their role and sense of responsibility. How? Come and find out. We show you proven concepts but most of all we help you to find out how to start change tomorrow. Interactive work session. “

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Tuesday 22 October
10:45 - 12:15

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