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Design Forum is an academy for leadership development for professionals with the ambition to steer, create and support new developments for improvement and innovation. We believe that leaders can learn from successes and failures of Start-ups and Scale-ups with high topicality. Unique in our programs is their contribution based on essential strategies for lean process management, design thinking, talent development, team performance, risk-, and change management. In all our Leadership Programs we enhance your intrapreneurial mindset, developing business sense and enabling new ideas to be realised, with shared commitment and more impact.

The session money talks is led by Koen Snoeckx and Jos Hardeman.


Money Talks

Money Talks is a deliberately abrasive title, starting from a statement that refers to the cynical side of our financial world. In contrast, with Money Talks we want to highlight the ethical side of the theme, in the context of social design. Money Talks has as starting point: clients, decision makers and policy makers who are budget holders and use their substantive expertise, responsibility and experience to find answers to societal challenges.

Designers are often driven by their own autonomy, curiosity and conceptual ideas. In this “bubble” it sometimes happens that they have insufficient insight into concrete issues and societal challenges that arise in the here and now.

The session money talks is led by Koen Snoeckx and Jos Hardeman.

More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
10:30 - 12:00
Bar right 50 Open setting, theatre
Design Forum

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