Diederik van Wassenaer


Sounding Bodies

Diederik van Wassenaer (1990) pursued preparatory studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Johannes Leertouwer before attaining his bachelor in the United States at Indiana University’s Jacob’s School of Music in Bloomington, where he studied with Mark Kaplan and Nam-Yun Kim.

After being active as an orchestral and session musician in Nashville, Tennessee, he returned to The Netherlands in 2018 to pursue a masters at Codarts Rotterdam with Gordan Nikolic. Besides classical music, Diederik regularly plays bluegrass and jazz, and arranges strings for songwriters and bands from Europe and the U.S. Diederik plays on a Milanese violin from 1898 by Leandro Bisiach.

“I love engrossing myself in all sorts of genres: from rock and country to bluegrass, balkan music and klezmer… Still, Bach’s solo works for violin have a special place in my heart. Without accompaniment, you have all the room to be yourself, while it simultaneously gives me space to lose myself in Bach’s mind and immeasurable genius. Bach’s music is not black and white but rather grey, just like our own feelings. We only experience real happiness or sadness within a context and in comparison, to how we felt before. In this way, Bach’s music mirrors our own emotional world, which is why it has such a powerful effect on us.”










Sounding Bodies

Jacqueline Hamelink has developed a method to play the music of Bach with her cello in the most intimate way for her audience. Her personal interpretation of the music is closely related to the original intention with which the music is composed, entirely in accordance with the musical rhetoric and the theory of affect. During the Food experience she brings A taste of Bach with four outstanding musicians which she trained in her method. When they play, the music becomes a recipe for pure happiness.

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Monday 21 October
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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