Douwe Korting

What if each individual in the Netherlands should produce his or her own food? It should be quiet a mess, I guess. But what if you bring together 200 households in a cooperative, that invests 2,000 euro each, for a life time, in raising a farm. You share all the costs of e.g. renting land and contracting a farmer and share all the fresh food and other (social) benefits that come from the 20 hectare estateā€¦, for 10 euros a week. What you get is a disruptive way of food producing that results in good food, healthy soil, animal well fare, a relaxed farmer and (last but not least) 500 other happy people.

Douwe Korting is involved in Herenboeren: a movement of Farming Communities that is spreading this movement around the Netherlands. See what Herenboeren does, and how? Visit their farm in Boxtel on October 22.


Why don't you hire your own farmer?

The paradox of (un)limited food supplies
Kampspoor, Boxtel

Community Supported Agriculture. It sounds futuristic (or ancient), but it is becoming booming business. Resulting in happy and healthy farmers, soil and consumers. Do you want to see what CSA looks like? Hop on our bus! We will visit Herenboeren; a concept where200 families own a farm and have contracted a farmer that grows the requested crops and animal protein. We will meet the initiator and dive into the challenges and highlights of the rollercoaster of success that is called Herenboeren.

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October
Herenboeren, Kampspoor, BOXTEL
Douwe Korting

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