Douwe Luijnenburg

Sustainability and Event Expert

Green events International

Douwe Luijnenburg studied philosophy and argumentation theory at the university of Amsterdam, a logical step towards a career in the event industry. He started out at theatre festival De Parade and then gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of events. From F&B management through site production to sustainability consulting at festivals, B2B events and the occasional regatta.

In recent years, his focus in his working and personal life has been radically shifting towards sustainability and he now thinks there aren’t a lot of other things you can do that make sense. He worked for companies like ID&T, Into The Great Wide Open, Eurosonic-Noorderslag and Best Kept Secret. Recently, he joined forces with Green Events, together they strive for organizing events sustainably.


Making every event sustainable: Unlimited party animals

The paradox of (un)limited resources

Public events are indispensable; they can be inspiring, entertaining, engaging, educational, relaxing and so much more. Can we make a long lasting change via events that are temporary by nature? Events often bring together the changewanters, open-minded public, and an opportunity to effectuate change. Can we offset the environmental burden of events into an arena of change? Our changemaker in this workshop focuses on making festivals sustainable through behavioral change – among visitors and organizers. Within other sectors, the same question rises. How can this method work for many more domains? How can we spread knowledge, network and creativity as a toolkit for each domain?

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Tuesday 22 October

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