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Algae Bar

We all have different opinions about art and food. When they clash, the conversation starts. By combining art, food, technology and people we encourage ourselves and others to discover the world. We are EAT ART collective, an open collective driven by multidisciplinary craftsmen fascinated by all things food.

EAT ART collective is an openhearted collective of makers with a specific interest in food. We find food to be an artistic material like copper, clay or pain. Yet it offers so much more in terms of the perception by people. What is Good? What is Normal? What is Health? What beholds the Future? We challenge and investigate these concepts in various forms, from performance and installation to buffets and interactive movie nights. We offer projects, workshops and caterings on demand as well as self-initiated ones. Our food philosophy differs from project to project. We always search for sustainability and good taste. This can be locally produced, dumpster dived, vegan, home grown, low energy, stolen from the rich and given to the poor, made up out of thin air or anything else.

We work as a small collective with open borders , so we welcome enthusiastic and open-minded researchers, cooks and artists from various backgrounds. Some of the Kompanen have been with us over the years, while others join on project base. We are glad to be surrounded by local growers, scientists, permaculture gardeners, artists, designers, theater makers and even a few chefs. Feel free to contact us for specific requests or collaborations, internships and participation.


Algae Bar

Future Food Experience
By EAT ART collective

The algae bar is an interactive installation where the visitor is hooked onto the lifecycle of algae. A fish tank with algae lights up the whole room and is thus a beacon for future foods. Alga’s Bar is a short circuit of the food chain as an homage to the humble beginning of it. Laying down under our specimen-table whilst listening to an essay on aquatic life, a breathing exercise or the sound of a bubbling cooperation, visitors donate their time and breath to the algae above them. Human breath contains heat and carbondioxide, valuable resources for young algae. In return, the algae nourish the visitors in the shape of a fresh alga shot, smoothie or cocktail when donations have reached a satisfactory level.

More details about this session
21 & 23 October
CWF House, Level 3 Foyer

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