Erwin Steijlen

Composer and Music Advisor

Totally Tuned

Erwin Steijlen is an award winning Composer and Music Advisor for Brands and Media and an entrepreneur. His goal is bringing better art and music to the world. 

With his unique “Music First” approach he shows Global brands and organizations like BMW, VW LG, Verizon, Bentley and Delta Airlines how to use Music in their communication.  Erwin: “Music = Communication; we all have a musical brain and every organization has its own sound. Music is in our DNA and it really belongs in the identity of every company too“. Our favorite music should be in our passports because it can save lives”. 

Erwin is also the founder of Totally Tuned; a multi-sided platform helping talented composers and songwriters get network, income and knowledge while bringing music and creativity to the business world. In his book “Corporate Music Method, How To Make Money With Music” Erwin shows musicians how to make a living with their talent. This book is highly acclaimed and his method has become a school subject on conservatories like ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts. 

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Would you like to hear what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) sound like? Dutch composer and entrepreneur Erwin Steijlen unleashed his creativity and wrote the SDG Song, especially for CWF2019. He translated the 17 SDGs into a swinging, positive tune: We Can Change! The song will be have its live premiere by the SDG Orchestra at the Creativity World Forum 2019. The SDG Song has been on all major musical platforms, such as Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify, since Friday, October 18.

Get a taste of what’s in store! Listen to the SDG Song!


Plenary opening CWF2019

Monday 21 October - Parktheater Eindhoven

Let’s take you on a wave of hope. Worldwide there are many societal challenges, but just as many geniuses who want to change the inevitable. The speakers and performers of our opening programme all tackle challenges in a creative and innovative way and create unexpected solutions. They make their mistakes and show their vulnerability on stage. Not being 100% sure becomes an enormous quality. They want to change the inevitable. And they will change the inevitable. Open your hearts and minds, be positively confused by a dazzling opening session of the CWF2019.

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Monday 21 October
15:00 - 21:00
CWF House, Eindhoven

The sound of the SDG's

The paradox of (un)limited inclusiveness
LocHal, Tilburg

Although a whole industry would like us to believe music is entertainment, our brain actually conceives music as communication. Music has been around for over 100,000 years and has been very important in our evolution. Music binds and connects us, not in the least with other people.

As science has proven, our brains are very musical: children under the age of three will sooner remember a song than spoken word. Moreover, our brain gives us dopamine, the “happiness hormone”, as a reward for listening to interesting chords. Therefore Erwin believes that music is the best tool for communication, since it has almost no boundaries and no ‘language problems’.

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Tuesday 22 October
LocHal, Tilburg

We all have a musical brain

Wednesday 23 october

As a public speaker Erwin will talk about:

  • the sound of the SDG’s of the United Nations,
  • play and compose live,
  • proof we all have a musical brain,
  • why music is so important for organizations and brands, music really is part of the (corporate identity)
  • certain chords can make people physically happy
  • the need for musical eduction at a young age
  • music should be in out passports as it can be a life saver.
More details about this session
Wednesday 23 october
10:30 - 12:00
Room E4 25 Open setting, theatre
Erwin Steijlen

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