Fran Bambust

experience designer/consultant

Ovum Novum Perplexicorum

Fran calls herself a factotum – because that sounds more chic than “jack-of-all-trades”. She earned her living as a theater author, teacher, computer saleswoman, editor, copywriter, screenwriter, columnist and ghostwriter and she was responsible as editor for various TV programs, often on social themes.

Convinced that informing was rarely enough to influence attitudes and behavior, she experimented with experience, storytelling and gamification, looking for the most effective approaches. At the social marketing agency Big Bazart, she finally poured all her experience and insights into one robust model: the 7E model. The model was presented to the world at the end of 2009. It grew in five years into a successful tool for behavioral change and choice optimization that is now being used by various Flemish and Dutch organizations, cities and government institutions.

In addition, she also thinks up museums, experience centers and children’s books and tries to start a career as an e-cyclist at a ripe age. Admit…. factotum is more concise.



Biotinder: don't hide it, match it!

The paradox of (un)limited resources

Paper from cow dung. A bench of grass. Unleaded fish lead. Plastics from sludge. Inventors invent it. Designers design it. Sustainable? Yes! Same quality? Yes! Available on the market? No…? Countless inventions and designer ideas remain unused. The paradox is that they keep protected against competition, but also against cooperation, and thus, success. Do designers, inventors and developers not find each other quickly and often enough? Do their characters not match? Are they too protective? Don’t they know where to find each other? In this workshop we bring inventors and designers closer together, we build structural cooperation methods to better find and match each other. The ability to let other eyes look at your own skills is the best ‘residual product’ of this workshop. Swiping is allowed.

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Tuesday 22 October

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