Geert Wilms


Royal HaskoningDHV

Geert Wilms studied Horticulture at Wageningen University and Business Administration at Open University. For more than 20 years Geert has been director of Agricultural Innovation Brabant (LIB), and he is consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV.

LIB is a partnership of Province North-Brabant and farmers organization ZLTO. Each year more than 30 innovative projects are initiated and supported, with the participation of hundreds of (agricultural) businesses. To contribute to a more sustainable agriculture and horticulture in North-Brabant. Geert is directly accountable to the President of ZLTO and regional Minister of agriculture in North-Brabant.

In 2014 he started collaboration between the region Emilia Romagna and the province Noord-Brabant in agricultural development, and a LOI was signed by Geert Wilms with 2 regional ministers, farmers organisation and knowledge institute. In the last years he presented “Implementation of innovation processes in agriculture” in Greece (2018), Kiev (2016), UK (2018) and PISA (2016).

He presented ‘circular agriculture’ at ‘Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan 2019’ and he hosted a Agrifood Greece delegation in august 2019 in the Netherlands en visited Greece in June 2019.



How Innovative! What’s Next??

The paradox of (un)limited food supplies

Co-creation with designers can definitely create breakthroughs. But a breakthrough does not make a business. In the Netherlands, we have already known a series of innovation programs in which designers were brought in contact with i.e. farmers. These programs often offer guidance, finances and publicity for the parties working together.

Interactive work session.

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Tuesday 22 October

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