Gerda de Ruijter


The Krachtcentrale013 (‘The Power Station’) creates innovative projects to help people find their way towards work and an economically independent life. They believe in every individual’s power and in the concept of reciprocity. The Krachtcentrale 013 helps those who have difficulty in finding paid work or meaningful daytime activities, and whom are motivated to follow a programme. They are guided through both individual and group coaching sessions, which enables personal growth and helps them towards work.


Talent Development & Work

An optimally inclusive society is created when everyone is given the opportunity to use their talents; whether this is in your free time, or in your work! Today, we will introduce you to impactful initiatives that are internationally acclaimed for their views and work on talent development. Creativity, innovation and personal attention are keys to success.

A range full of design products is created at Social Label, where top designers work together with people with a distance to the labour market. The Krachtcentrale 013 gives people wings and stimulates them to explore what it is that gives them energy. Re-integrating has never been so pleasant! And in theory a museum is for everyone, but what if you are visually impaired or deaf, for example? Studio I develops concepts for an inclusive museum experience. You will be introduced to another successful museum experience at the TextielMuseum, exploring work by (inter)national artists and designers during a visit to this iconic place.

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