Professor Sustainable Strategy and Innovation

Avans University of Applied Science

Godelieve Spaas is professor Sustainable Strategy and Innovation at Avans University of Applied Science. She is a researcher, advisor and creator of new ways of entrepreneurial organizing where ecology, society, and the economy all benefit from and interact seamlessly with each other. Her aim is to increase diversity in organizational and entrepreneurial models and realities with a view to the development of a fairer, more sustainable and robust entrepreneurial space. By sharing yet unheard stories and walking untrodden paths, we allow interdependent systems to reveal themselves, to be identified and interpreted and to become a platform for action in everyday organizational reality.

Working in Europe and Africa, with companies, NGOs as well as governments, deepened her insight into how to combine worlds that are often separated such as art, science, indigenous knowledge, nature and entrepreneurship.

Godelieve is also associate director of the Pari Center in Tuscany Italy, knowledge curator at Rabo Art Collection, board member of Herenboeren Nederland and director of Coalitions Co-Creating Change.


Beginners' Utopia

We know it has to be different. The current economy is a blockbuster and at the same time a one-way trip to the destruction of our planet. We look for ways that lead to well-being for everyone and ways to preserve the earth for future generations. How can we start this journey and gradually discover Utopia? In this lecture performance, Godelieve Spaas explores what a sustainable and social economy can look like.

For this, she went looking for examples of actually doing business differently. She met people in large companies who, within the tight and seemingly immobile walls of the current economy, still find ways to do it differently. She set off with starting entrepreneurs who want to prove that a different economy is possible and take concrete steps to bring Utopia closer. She listened to unthinkable visions and bold ideas from artists and embraced old traditions and tried and tested practices from other economies. theatrical narrativeĀ 

The aftertalk will beĀ facilitated by Erik op ten Berg.

The lecture performance by Godelieve Spaas is part of the programme of the Law to Preserve Creativity.

law of creativity








The Law to Preserve Creativity is a manifesto in which partners from education, the business community, care, culture and government bodies agree on how they wish to stimulate the creative development of every resident of the Brabant region.


More details about this session
Wednesday 23 October
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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