Harmen Bijsterbosch

Senior policy Economics and Innovations

province of Noord-Brabant

Labmanager Harmen Bijsterbosch studied Human-Technology Interaction (TU/e, 2000). Since than he got into the possibilities of using technology to get desired behaviour.

As (senior) policy Economics and Innovations in the province of Noord-Brabant he has 10 years of experience in the policy and executive stimulate innovation clusters. Since 2016 he is a manager of the InnoSportLab Sport & Beweeg, and he drives a multidisciplinary team of young, creative innovators. The mission of InnoSportLan and Sport & Beweeg is innovating to sport and exercise to naturally!


Smart design for healthy mobility

This workshop challenges the participants to design a public space that stimulates a healthy active lifestyle for everybody. The City of Helmond has big ambitions: Brainport Smart District must become the smartest neighbourhood of the world! At the same time the world is facing a huge challenge: our lifestyles are becoming less and less healthy. Bad sleeping and eating manners as well as less physical activity have increased the amount of people facing obesities and other ‘wellness diseases’ (what’s in a name?).

And numbers are still growing fast! Industrialization and digitalization are part of the problem, causing the sedentary lifestyles we have nowadays. But can new technologies also provide the smart solutions we are looking for so badly?

More details about this session
Tuesday 22 October

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