Jacqueline Hamelink

cellist/perfomer and artistic director

Sounding Bodies

Jacqueline Hamelink is a cellist who can’t seem to sit still! Originally working in the classical music world, she is always passionate about exploring new musical idioms and a wide range of theatrical forms. Visual art, fashion, dramaturgy, photography, poetry, design, architecture and new music by living composers are combined and mixed, manifesting her fascination with contemporary music and music theatre.  

Moving, singing, dancing, acting, designing, producing her own new projects and creating, or in short – playing for and with a new and receptive audience is what she really feels strongly about: touching the strings and removing the barriers between the heart and the mind. Her wide-ranging repertoire has an international character and includes a variety of collaborations. 

In 2011 Jacqueline co-founded the foundation Sounding Bodies, of which she is the artistic director. With the Tilburg-based Sounding Bodies she creates innovative, interdisciplinary performances, alone or in partnership with other artists and organisations.


Sounding Bodies

Jacqueline Hamelink has developed a method to play the music of Bach with her cello in the most intimate way for her audience. Her personal interpretation of the music is closely related to the original intention with which the music is composed, entirely in accordance with the musical rhetoric and the theory of affect. During the Food experience she brings A taste of Bach with four outstanding musicians which she trained in her method. When they play, the music becomes a recipe for pure happiness.

More details about this session
Monday 21 October
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

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