Jacqueline van Eerd

Oyster Mushroom Grower

After a career in education and culture, where I was mostly organizing events, I was ready for something new. This presented itself when I received a RotterZwam growkit as a gift, a kit to grow oyster mushrooms on your own coffee grounds. After a few weeks I had two beautiful flights of oyster mushrooms. 

I found it intriguing; that you can make food out of waste’ and was inspired by Gunter Pauli, the creator of the Blue Economy. 

Pauli states, among other things, that creating waste is not the problem that we have to solve. He says: “If a living creature does not produce waste, it is probably dead, or at least very ill.” The real problem that we have, and that we must tackle, is that we waste our waste. 

That is what I want to do with ZuiderZwam; convert waste (in this case coffee grounds) into food. 


ZuiderZwam, a circular company

From waste reduction to food production
We usually throw away coffee grounds while there is still a lot of nutritional value in them. What could be better than to turn food back into waste.
According to the principles of the circular economy; from waste reduction to food production. Oyster mushrooms are good and sustainable meat substitutes; approximately 1000x as much water is needed for the production of imported beef. 

More details about this session
21 & 23 October
CWF HOUSE, Eindhoven

Beyond Coffee

Future Food Experience
By Yksi Expo

At CWF2019 you will spot a transparent cylinder. We will collect all coffee grounds we produce during this Creativity World Forum. Wednesday afternoon our coffee grounds will be picked up by Zuiderzwam, an oyster mushroom farm in Brabant, to be used as breeding ground for their mushroom production.

The exhibition Beyond Coffee, curated by Yksi Expo, shows a selection of the creative uses of coffee grounds by making smart use of its natural characteristics. From soap to oil, and from notebook covers to compostable tights.


More details about this session
21 & 23 October
CWF HOUSE, Level 2 Passage

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